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2013 World Championship of Guacamole Contest Winners

1st place: Cherisse Kirkendall (Carpinteria, Calif.)

2nd place: Rick Perkins (Santa Barbara, Calif.)

3rd place: Claudia Gottstein (Carpinteria, Calif.)

2012 Largest Avocado Winners

2012 Largest Avocado Winners

1st Place = Queen Variety, 4lbs. & ¼ ounce, Angelo Granaroli, Carpinteria

2nd Place = Helen Variety, 2lbs. & 13 ½ ounces, Angelo Granaroli, Carpinteria

3rd Place = Dailey Variety, 2lbs. & 7/8 ounces, Dave Righetti, San Luis Obispo

There were a total of 7 entries and the “Largest Avocado” sold for $300 at the auction. The auction raised $1,211 with the sale of avocados and trees
Shade Farm Management will contribute the balance to equal $1500 total.