2014 Poster Design Mixes Tunes and Taste

2014 Poster Design Mixes Tunes and Taste

The avocado-inspired festivities that come to Carpinteria every October have earned a reputation for serving up not only taste bud-pleasing green-fleshed fruit but also a musical lineup that is out of this world. So when Arizona graphic designer Charles West started brainstorming concepts for a poster to represent the 28th annual California Avocado Festival, naturally he combined the free-flowing rhythms with Carpinteria Valley’s favorite fruit. “This is a no-brainer,” he thought to himself, “just turn an avocado into a guitar.”

Judges chose West’s creative artistry over the other submissions for this year’s poster contest, and the result will be thousands of posters and T-shirts printed in the charming design.

West, who works as creative supervisor at the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, counts the design as his first poster contest win. The visual communications and design graduate from Purdue University was pestered by coworker Janet Blakley to enter the Avofest contest for the past couple years. Blakley, whose family has vacationed in Carpinteria since 1947, “kept hounding me” to come up with a design, West said, and finally he complied.

With a laugh, he told Coastal View News that though avos appeal to his artistic side, they don’t have a regular place in his diet. “I’ve tried them several times,” he said. “I’m not a big fan.” He grew up in Indiana and admits to not having known anything about the fruit until he moved to Arizona in 2000.

Unfortunately, Carpinteria avocado farmers won’t have an opportunity to change West’s opinion of their produce this year. The graphic designer hopes to make a trip out to Carpinteria some day, but won’t be on hand to see his own design on any of the tens of thousands of attendees of the 2014 California Avocado Festival, which is set to take place Oct. 3 to 5.

The 2014 poster was unveiled at a California Avocado Festival Kick-off Party held on Sept. 3 at Union Bank of Carpinteria.

- Lea Boyd


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