Avofest unveils
2020 poster design

Avo festival 2020
“The design is all Carpinteria,” said Evangelina Cervera, winner of this year’s California Avocado Festival poster contest, “it’s a town that has sea, mountains, sun and fields.” Not to mention the avocado prominently placed in the poster’s center. Cervera is on a roll with avocado-themed designs. She won the Avofest poster contest two years ago as well. “My last poster was inspired by the colors of Carpinteria. This one I wanted to be even more colorful, so you can see it and just feel happy,” said Cervera, “We need bright colors because this year has been so stressful.”

Originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, Cervera moved to Carpinteria in 2016. She has worked as a graphic designer for newspapers and educational materials. Additionally, since 2018, she has been working at the non-profit Children’s Resource and Referral of Santa Barbara County.“

Cervera attends Avofest every year. “My husband and I love food, beer and music, so that should give you an idea of how much fun we have going to Avofest,” she said.

The official unveiling takes place on Thursday, Aug. 13, at Seal Plaza during the Farmers Market. Fully stocked with Avofest-branded merchandise, the Avocado Festival tent will be open every Thursday afternoon through Oct. 8, from 3 to 6:15 p.m., on the corner of Wullbrandt Way and Linden Avenue. 


Posters are $15 including shipping/handling.

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